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The Pop in STRiP™

This Strip clips or “pops” into fridge tracking or metal C-tracks. Without tape, this is a low cost-effective solution. Available in any color and size.

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The Pop in STRiP™

The metal c-track shelf is widespread throughout the world but they just don’t look that great, but with the Pop-in STRiP you can transform your store. The open edge faces down to avoid dirt falling in but it still holds the label with its strong clip and static nature.

Manufactured to fit your label size as well as custom length to match your length of the shelf. Ease of use when installing offering a clear finish. Our crystal clear finish is ideal for barcode scanning and enhances the label or price tag’s display.

If you need a custom size available, just mention it in the quote request or use the contact form to request your width and length and we will tailor manufacture them to your specification.

Check out the Triple POP-in STRIP for a different variation

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