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The UNiTRACK A6 Promo Card holder

The A6 Promo Card holder for the UNiTRACK system™. LANDSCAPE

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The UNiTRACK A6 Promo Card holder:

The A5 (75mm x 105mm) promo card holder is designed to work in conjunction with the UNiTRACK system’s promo groove. The promo card holder clips into the promo groove aligning flush with the shelf edge. The promo card holder is manufactured with a crystal clear finish enhancing the promo card / special card display.

The Unitrack System: The UNiTRACK A6 Promo Card holder – HOLDiT

To make a purchase online view it here: The UNiTRACK A6 Promo Card Holder (50p/box) (retailsignage.co.za)

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